• Adorn your military attire with distinction using Bin Yasin Impex’s “Military Cord’s Shoulders.” Crafted with precision for 15 years, our factory showcases excellence in military shoulder cords, including braided options, color guard, and honor guard cords. Elevate your uniform with pride and distinction, embracing the epitome of military elegance with Bin Yasin Impex. #BinYasinImpex #MilitaryCordsShoulders #15YearsOfExcellence
  • Customized color
  • Customized design
  • Customized sized
  • Best quality product
  • Delivery in bulk quantities


Embark on a journey of military sophistication with Bin Yasin Impex’s renowned collection – “Military Cord’s Shoulders.” For 15 years, our factory has been at the forefront of crafting precision military shoulder cords, encompassing an array of options from uniform cords to cap shoulder cords. At Bin Yasin Impex, each cord is meticulously woven with pride and dedication, representing the epitome of military elegance.

Dive into the rich heritage of our work, including braided shoulder cords, color guard shoulder cords, and honor guard shoulder cord, each intricately crafted to adorn uniforms with distinction. From army ASU cords to dress uniform cords, every piece embodies our commitment to excellence, ensuring your attire reflects the precision and tradition instilled in each military cord.

As a user of Bin Yasin Impex’s military shoulder cords, you join a legacy that goes beyond threads and knots. Our cords symbolize not only style but also a profound dedication to military service. Elevate your uniform with pride, knowing that Bin Yasin Impex’s 15-year legacy stands behind every cord. #BinYasinImpex #MilitaryCordsShoulders #15YearsOfExcellence #UniformElegance #MilitaryFashionLegacy #PrideInCraftsmanship #DistinctiveStyle


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